Tiny Rebel 8th Birthday

As you all probably know, we love Tiny Rebel Brewery here at the Sip, and we know you do as well. To help them celebrate their 8th birthday, we will have some of their amazing beers on draught and more in the fridge. Not to mention some of their Birthday boxes for sale. Containing 8 beers for each year they’ve been going.

Here’s what Tiny Rebel have to say...

You know we love to celebrate our birthday...who doesn’t! so for the last 10 months we've been working on the follow up to last year's massively successful 7th Birthday Collab Pack.

Since forever, we’ve always played around blending different styles of beers, whether it’s grabbing a half of this and a half of that at a beer festival or blending straight from tank at the brewery, some of which have inspired your favourite Tiny Rebel beers.

To celebrate our 8th Birthday we wanted you to make your very own Tiny Rebel blend, and to get you started we’ve created our New 8th Birthday Blending Pack . Within the pack you’ll find 8 awesome limited edition beers designed to be blended together as pairs (scream face). Each beer tastes amazing on it's own but if you blend them together you get something truly special.

On the 13th of Feb (the day of our birthday party) we want you to have a play around and blend to your heart's content. There's no set amount of how much you should mix, just have fun!

If that wasn't enough, we've included a limited edition glass AND slipped in a cheeky bit of new merch for you as well.

The beers;

Dodge, Dip, Duck And Dulce - Dulce de Leche Pastry Stout - 11%Here Gose Nothing - Imperial Blackcurrant Pastry Gose - 8%Not So Fast Roundboy - Coconut & Vanilla Creme - 5%Shake 'N' Bake - Chocolate & Banana Protein Hardshake - 6%Fizzy Bubbly - Key Lime Lager - 4.8%Screwface - Sicilian Lemon Sour - 4.2%Holy Hand Grenade - Sabro & Nelson Sauvin NEIPA - 6.8%Paradise City - Loral & Mosaic NEIPA - 6.8%

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